Chesnee Communications offers nationwide minutes with exceptional rates and service unavailable from many of the national companies…and that’s not all! We bring you an added benefit, the kind of one-to-one service you'd expect from a company located here in the community...made up of your friends and neighbors.

With Chesnee Nationwide Voice, you get:

  • competitive rates - anywhere in the U.S., any day, anytime
  • plans that are easy to understand and can save you money
  • the convenience of one bill for all your local and nationwide charges
  • location, location, locatioN - only Chesnee brings you nationwide service with a local touch from a company based here in our community
  • friendly service representatives - people you know and trust
  • the opportunity to sign up for your own personal 800-number with no costly set-up fee
  • a single provider for all your telecom needs

With Chesnee Nationwide Voice, you avoid:

  • confusion with misleading rates and unavailable plans
  • separate bills for your local and nationwide charges
  • special codes (such as 10-10-xxx) you must enter each time you want to make a call in order to get a certain rate or discount
  • promises about prices that don’t always pan out
  • 800 numbers, recordings, automated response systems, and distant offices
  • wondering if your long-distance company will still be around in the morning


All Chesnee Communications rates apply to both state-to-state calls and in-state regional calls - anywhere in the U.S., any day, anytime, with no restrictive calling times.


14¢ / minute

13¢ / minute

Chesnee Enhanced Plan ($4.95/month)

Residential and Business
8¢ / minute

Residential customers who typically make more than 90 minutes of long-distance calls each month will see savings with the Enhanced Plan. Remember: All our long-distance rates remain the same - 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Many international calling rates have recently seen significant reductions. For the per-minute rates to specific countries, you can click the Rates, Terms, and Conditions link below, or call our Chesnee’s long-distance service representatives in our business office, at 864-461-2210.


Chesnee Communications also allows you to order a personal 800 number with no costly set-up-and for Chesnee customers no monthly fee-without having to order additional lines. Our ReadyLine service connects to one pre-assigned destination and gives you one easy 800 number to remember. It’s ideal for students who are away at college or for other family members who travel frequently. And it’s a great safety feature for emergency situations.

For more information about our calling cards and 800 ReadyLine Service, or to order a Chesnee prepaid calling card, stop by or call our business office, at 864-461-2211.

To find out more about the service you'll get from your local nationwide choice, please call Chesnee Communications, at 864-461-2211.

Chesnee Long Distance Rates, Terms, and Conditions

To view our online Rates, Terms, and Conditions document, click here

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