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To do our part in keeping the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) to a minimum, we have closed our office to the public and ask our customers to conduct Chesnee Communications business over the phone by calling 864-461-2211 or online at through April 3.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( is keeping updated information on their website and we are closely monitoring it for the latest news on the virus.

Chesnee Communications offers a variety of ways to access your account or make a payment:

  • Call 864-461-2211. You will need your account number.
  • Click PAY/VIEW MY BILL at the top of the page. Login to our online portal. If you don’t have an online account, you can set one up from there. You will need your invoice number and bill amount due.
  • Drop box access is available at our downtown Chesnee office.  

We will remain committed to providing exceptional customer service to our members and customers throughout this time. The health and well-being of everyone is the utmost importance.

Local Voice

Local voice (exchange) service is defined as all voice communications using the public telephone network, and includes all incoming and outgoing local voice calls within the 703 and 461 exchange areas. In addition, Chesnee’s basic local service includes:

  • a white page listing in the directory

  • access to operator services and directory assistance

  • access to telecommunications relay service (TRS)

  • other services for persons requiring special assistance or access to emergency services.


$16.40 per month per line, with unlimited local calling

$31.10 per month per line, with unlimited local calling

Prices are for basic rates and do not include separate federal and state surcharges and fees and applicable taxes. New accounts are subject to installation charges ($35.50 for residential installation; $52.25 for businesses)

For more information about Chesnee Communication’s voice services, please call our business office at 864-461-2211.


Wire maintenance essentially serves as insurance or protection for your telephone service. With Chesnee’s wire maintenance service, a small monthly fee can save you time, money, and hassle in the event you experience problems with your telephone service and need repairs.

Chesnee Communications offers wire maintenance on telephone jacks and wiring at the time of installation. Wire maintenance is available to customers only if Chesnee Communications installs the jacks. The cost of the service is $1.95 per month. If an existing telephone customer wants wire maintenance protection, Chesnee charges a one-time fee of $7.15. Please note: There may be as much as a six-month waiting period for existing customers to have repairs covered under the wire maintenance plan.

Chesnee does not offer wire maintenance service to pre-wired new homes, pre-wired mobile homes, and some apartments.

Wire maintenance does not cover the actual telephone and/or customer-owned equipment such as answering or fax machines. However, if you do not subscribe to Chesnee’s wire maintenance service, and Chesnee makes a service call and finds the trouble to be in your inside wiring or jacks, you will be charged a $50.00 service charge and the cost of materials to fix the problem.

To order Chesnee’s wire maintenance, or if you have any questions regarding the service, please call our business office at 864-461-2211.